The Selkie Press was founded in 2018 by writer & artist Tanya Shadrick to fulfil a promise made to a fellow West Country woman met only once.

Wild Woman Swimming - Wainwright Prize 2019

Wild Woman Swimming: A Journal of West Country Waters was published two years after the death of its author, the visionary wild swimmer Lynne Roper. The book, longlisted for the 2019 Wainwright Prize, continues to inspire many hundreds of people around the world – exactly as Lynne in her hospice bed hoped it might: ‘‘People can swim and take me with them,’ she said.

All projects from The Selkie Press will have at their heart this commitment to service, chance and connection, as does Birds of Firle: first undertaking since Wild Woman Swimming. A single edition book of rook and raven images, it was released to the first of 100 recipients around the world on New Year’s Day 2020. An exercise in cumulative and communal creativity, it invites participants to reply in sequence with meditations on Grief and Hope as the things with feathers.

Birds of Firle Banner Image - credit Tanya ShadrickBirds of Firle Banner Image - credit Tanya Shadrick