Tanya Shadrick at Pells Pool

The Selkie Press was created in 2018 by Tanya Shadrick.

A former hospice lifestory scribe, Tanya embarked on her first public work after forty with The Wild Patience Scrolls (2016-7)a mile of writing composed pen on paper beside England’s oldest outdoor pool. Since then, she has been a writer-in-residence at many other extraordinary locations, including the Jan Michalski Foundation in Switzerland and Virginia Woolf’s garden on the Sussex Downs.

All of Tanya’s work seeks to call forth creative responses in others – a practice which has earned her Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts,

You can listen to Tanya in conversation with her mentor, sculptor David Nash, in the BBC Radio 4 show Pursuit of Beauty: a celebration of slow art which features their respective long-term works, The Wild Patience Scrolls and the forty-year old living sculpture Ash Dome.

Her debut book The Cure for Sleep – on waking up, breaking free and making a more creative life – is a Waterstones Non-Fiction Book of 2022.

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