Autumn wild swimming for beginners: The Guardian (Nov 2013)

‘Wild swimming expert Lynne Roper takes beginner Isobel Colchester on a journey to Sharrah pool, in the heart of Dartmoor in Devon. Roper explains what first attracted her to wild swimming and how to pursue it as a hobby – even in winter. She also gives her top tips on how to swim safely and enjoyably’

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The Guardian: Autumn swimming for beginners

Sea Life: BBC Radio 4’s The Listening Project (June 2015)

Lynne and Queenie - The Listening Project

Fi Glover introduces a conversation between wild swimmers Lynne and Queenie, who prefer not to look too closely at what may be swimming with them.

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Wild swimming with Ben Fogle – and his labrador: ITV Countrywise (Aug 2014)

‘A WOMAN from Mary Tavy and her beloved pooch recently swam with popular broadcaster Ben Fogle for ITV’s Countrywise. Lynne Roper is a keen wild swimmer and blogs about her experiences in the great outdoors in rivers, lakes and the sea, alongside her ladbradoodle, Honey, aged eight. The producers of Countrywise, which focuses on the best of Britain’s coast and country, contacted Lynne to see if she would like to feature in an episode of the show, alongside presenter Ben Fogle and his labrador Maggie, 13. Lynne said: “Wild swimming is swimming anywhere that is not organised and is outside. I do a lot of outdoor swimming with Honey, and I blog about it.” The episode was filmed at the River Dart above New Bridge in Holne Woods.’

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Obituary by Emma Pusill, The Guardian (Aug 2016)

Lynne Roper Guardian Obituary

‘My friend Lynne Roper, who has died of a brain tumour aged 55, developed a love of water during her Devon childhood, and it never left her. Her early career was in the RAF and academia; when she moved on to become a paramedic, she fitted wild swimming – outdoors in natural surroundings – around her shift patterns, saying that water washed away the stresses of the job.

Lynne had turned to wild swimming to regain her physical and emotional health after a double mastectomy. She immersed herself in rivers, the sea, and the friendships formed through water. For her, wild swimming was never about how far or fast you swam, or how cold the water. It was always about the experience itself, and the connection with the environment.’

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Obituary by Ella Foote, The Outdoor Swimming Society (Aug 2016)

Lynne Roper Outdoor Swimming Society Obituary

‘Lynne often described the swimming community as her tribe and inspired many to plunge into unknown waters – with or without a costume – having only just met her! “Lynne’s approach to swimming was never about how far, how fast, how cold or any sort of tribalism within swimming,” says close friend Emma.  “It was the chance to connect with the outdoors, nurturing and life affirming and she hated bloody tow floats!” Lynne’s warming nature was just what was needed after a cool dip and if that wasn’t enough many were lucky to enjoy a homemade soup in her colourful cottage – door always open to friends and swimmers.’

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